Afroditi Tzavara

Afroditi Tzavara

Athens, Attiki, Greece

About Afroditi Tzavara

My name is Afroditi Tzavara. I create my art in Athens Greece, where live with my family. My artistic work, started with art lessons of painting. I continued with mural paintings, and jewelry making. But sculpting, is what I love the most.
I started sculpting a few years back, making figurines with ceramic clay. After a lot of research, I found the Ooak Art Dolls and the polymer clay. Polymer clay allowed me to make lots of little details witch I love the most in my artistic expression. I was finally able to create my sculptures as i had imagined them in my own fantasy world.
The art doll for me is the creation of an artist. It can have any form or size and it can be made with any material.
It is not a doll to be played with as a toy. It already has a tale to tell…
The artist’s tale, that comes from his or her imagination.
You are welcome to try to listen to it ….


She has graduated from AKTO art school as a Graphic Designer who specializes in illustrations.
She has taken studies of painting aside of acclaimed Greek artists in their private art studios for about three years. Her greatest teacher was her mother Caterina Kosma Tzavara, who as a sculptor and painter, has inspired her with her talent in painting and basically in sculpturing.


Winner of the second place at the annual "DABIDA" contest, for the "Hannie Sarris" award in Amsterdam
in April 2016.


Painting exhibition in 2005 at Nikaia Athens Greece
Sculpture exhibition in 2016 in the island Skopelos.