Indian Princess Collage by Loredana Gasparotto

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Art Description

Collage: Plastic, Paint, Wood, Marker, Tempera on Paper, Plastic, Wood.

Indian Princess is part of the "Cultural Appropriation and Assimilation series."

Clothing as one of the primary needs of a human being started off as a basic necessity but graduated to become one of the most important forms of cultural identity.

How this identity changes as various cultures amalgamate has been a constant source of fascination for me.

Colonization was achieved by artificially injecting British costumes into Indian culture. It was the case of a large, economically, or militarily powerful nation infusing their culture or style to a smaller, less important one.

Therefore the dilemma is: how do I assimilate, but still keep my original cultural identity?

Is the amalgamation of costumes and fashion viewed as Appropriation, assimilation, or identity annihilation?


Indian Princess

Loredana Gasparotto

United States


Size: 26 W x 42 H x 2 in

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