Network Collage by Roy and Lucy Hughes

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Close up of the woven bead work
A view of the network
The images is framed 66cm x 56cm
YouTube Video available see description

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Roy and Lucy Hughes

United Kingdom


Size: 20 W x 24 H x 0.8 D in

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Art Description

Collage: Acrylic, Glass on Canvas.

Connections exist everywhere, between things, people and feelings. Nothing exists in isolation and all is connected in a globally networked world.

And this is partly what Network is about. Partly. It was a spontaneous piece but also carefully constructed by myself and Lucy. Everything is so complex and complicated.

Our lives and our actions are influenced by people and things, by opinion and counter debate. Some of which are objectively good and some objectively bad. But we are far from objective, and many of our decisions use a subjective logic to justify what are often emotional choices. Some of these are very poor.

Network is about mapping these. Its an imagining of the convoluted interactions in our inner and outer spaces. Outwardly we connect with social groups characterised by some dimension (see Dunbar or Bernard–Killworth). But are we able to distinguish the good and bad influencers out there. And are we ever able to objectively separate ourselves from these influences even when we think we do?

And there are hierarchies of influences, the good and bad voices we listen too. We can be come to invested, too dependent and form too many connections with people and with stuff.

Studies show what we all know; that our deeper connections are far fewer in number and can be counted on the fingers of our hands. But these may still be bad connections. I began to imagine a 2d map of these but somehow imprinted on our lives and in our brain. A very visceral imprinting of connections and patterns. Everything’s connected, our brain to our body and all the vital organs that make existence possible. What do the thoughts look like in the brain, the connection to memory, how do they map in some space onto one another.

We wanted to visualise this and strongly separate the nodes in woven beads from the paths in Japanese ink.

Out of this Network was born, it’s not one thing, doesn’t represent one thing, but many things connected all woven together. When you look at this we want you to imagine all the different types of connections you have with people, family, friends, and loved ones, the good ones and the bad ones. And think how this impacts you and how you can make things better for you and the world around us.

A YouTube video is available here

Abstract, art, bead, connections, social groups, Dunbar, memory, brain, family, society, Bernard Killworth