Random Rhoughts Collage by Jerry Jimenez

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Art Description

Collage: Spray Paint, Pencil, Metal, Acrylic, Found Objects on Canvas, Glass, Other, Steel, Wood.

I have been looking down on the road while walking and I notice that there is a spark of interest when I see the shape and textures of some objects. How the circumstances brought it there on the spot and the many factors that affected its appearance-- deformities, scratches, damages, rusts, holes.. I know it has a purpose it has a designer now that I picked it up it is time to give it a new purpose and meaning in the milieu of my mind.
Chance, accident, neglect.. whatever event may have brought the objects where I found them I may never see them along my way again. Some are just so appealing that I cannot help but pick it up even though I cannot figure it out why I would.
Things scattered on the roads seems like genomes of mans intellect.
So many thoughts, random thoughts that somehow putting these things together expresses and soothes me from these words I do not utter..


Random Rhoughts

Jerry Jimenez



Size: 15.8 W x 19.8 H x 3.1 in

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