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Art Description

Drawing: Ink and Graphite on Paper.

The drawing is born from a real experience. Of an event. A transcendent but fleeting moment of short duration temporarily speaking. It's one of those brilliant moments. That flash we want to repeat repeating itself over and over again. It is a fertile moment for any of us.

Here a metamorphosis is being staged. This positive transformation happens inside a car. In this small and intimate interior, the exterior does not seem to matter. Everything inside is soft, comfortable and favorable. There are no interruptions inside the car and there is no place for anything other than love. For this reason, the car is a center of heat. An oven. A car does not stop being a pilgrim home. Inside he and only fit him and her. Protected in that metal shell, that kind of shell. A shell that recalls the egg and the births (car-egg).

This is the ascending and happy step. Fiery origin of the couple. The butterfly among the ancients, emblem of the soul [life] and of the unconscious attraction towards the luminous. But the butterfly symbol goes further. It is the purification of the soul by fire.

This explains the concept of the butterfly associated with the idea of ​​reinventing oneself or the vigorous resurrection. Symbol of rebirth. The two butterflies of the image are being unique spectators of what happens in the car. They are also guarding him. The car seems to have wings, and also seems to participate and be inserted in a process of transformation analogous to the future morphology of a butterfly.

The wings of the two butterflies meet; one folded and one unfolded. This is a balanced presence of its passivity and dynamism.

The design of the wings is determined from the geometrical figure of the hexagon. This figure corresponds to the apology of the number (6) six. The six is ​​the number of LOVERS. The six-pointed star. There are also six days of creation (fertility: expresses a movement that arises from itself and generates something from itself).

The relationship and paralinguistic similarity between "six" and "sex" found in different languages ​​is not at all coincidental. The friction or friction between the contrasts not only produce heat, sparks, embers, and passion, but also allows the creation and resurgence of something new. Therefore, the six is ​​called the "carnal" number.

The number six is; the polar reality. And fundamentally the successful union of contrasts. The sweet solution to the bitter dilemma experienced in the face of irreconcilable alternatives.

Quite the opposite of the oscillation between servitude and predominance. In the drawing the hexagon appears to give value to stability in a horizontal relationship without hierarchies. They correspond to the balance and by extension; with balance. These are; the "butterflies of balance".

With minor protagonism, the number (2) two can also be found as a numerological appearance in the license plate of the car; twice the two (date and significant date). In the cabin of the car appear two hearts, one next to the other, forming a couple. Symbol of correspondence of sentiment also reciprocal. The two clocks are equivalent to the reciprocal synchronization.

Masculine [♂] and feminine [♀] divides the drawing into two hemispheres. The right and the left. The Left corresponds to the feminine and the right corresponds to the masculine. Of both characters there is only one shoe on the floor on each side of the car. As a vestige and memory of their previous existences. In one door a key appears (right side) and in another one a lock (left side). Analogously to the sexual organs (phallus and vagina - sender and receiver).

Copula, in the symbols of the two feet face up and the two feet face down. The sexual act and ritual consumes the process. Consumption and consumption have a common root. The word "consume" is also used when talking about firewood burning in a bonfire or fire.
Symbols that reinforce the symmetry of the drawing.

Landscape in which the scene unfolds is of high contrast. Outside; the weather. A dense cactus plantation. The "car-egg" is in a sterile nest but mostly semi-desert parched. That's why there's only cactus. Cacti are plants prepared for the defense against predation. In this powerful framework or hostile context, everything becomes even more miraculous (mirabilis).

Keywords: Sex, Amor, Autos, Butterfly, Cactus, Cars, Sexo, Coches, Mariposa, Love

Subjects: Car

Styles: Figurative, Illustration, Surrealism, Minimalism, Modern

Mediums: Ink, Graphite

Materials: Paper

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