Lucy Crown ( Irwin Shaw ) Installation by Sonja Hržina Majstorović

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Art Description

Installation: Textile, Paint, Wood, Acrylic, Found Objects on Soft (Yarn, Cotton, Fabric), Wood, Other.

Lucy Crown, a character from literature with which I identify in some way just because we are both "born" in the zodiac sign Virgo.At the time when I was reading the

novel "Lucy Crown" by Irwin Shaw, I was in some "formative" years, I questioned my attitudes and fears that caused my development.Although, according to anything other

than the zodiac sign I can not find a similarity, I suppose that this irrational fascination with the image of Lucy Crown for me has a symbolic content and purpose.
Silhouette of female torso can function as a freestanding sculpture.
Using the motif of the human body in a symbolic way of fall into the inner reality of our consciousness.


Lucy Crown ( Irwin Shaw )

Sonja Hržina Majstorović



Size: 19.6 W x 49.2 H x 1 in

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