16-bit Mona Lisa Painting

Alex Schaefer

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About The Painting

Saatchi Art is pleased to offer the Painting, "16-bit Mona Lisa," by Alex Schaefer. Original Painting: Oil on Canvas.

I'm renowned for my paintings, but pretty much all through the 90's I was a video game artist, first making art for Sega Genesis and Super NES, then part of the team that made Spyro the Dragon 1, 2, and 3 for the Playstation. I really enjoyed the limited palettes we worked within the constraints of the hardware, and i enjoy them when I paint. This piece is a nod to the Old Masters in the digital age, the lowest- resolution Mona Lisa I could paint: 216 brushstrokes, 4 pigments. It's a 16-bit Mona Lisa. If you can't see it either squint your eyes or step back and look at it from across the room. Brushtrokes! Pixels! They become one in this painting...