Bunny Girl

United Kingdom

Size: 9 H x 8 W x 0.1 in

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Art Description

Painting: Paint and New Media on Paper.

This is a work inspired by Helmut Newton's 1975 photograph of Elsa Peretti wearing a Bunny Girl outfit, standing on a New York balcony with the skyline as a backdrop.

I wanted to strip away as much of the gloss as possible and look at the glamour in it's simplest form. To do this, I started by complicating it as much as possible, and then subtracting until only one colour remained. I did this by re-creating the original scene in 3D in a computer environment, complete with glamourous avatar. I experimented with variations in costume, virtual camera angle, and other elements until I found the look I wanted. Then I took the 'virtual' photo. Using that as a template back in the real world, I created a physical stencil with plastic and scalpel that isolated the core details of the image, then mixed a dense but delicately shaded powder blue paint to use in a silk screen process. The density created a physicality to the paint's surface texture (see close up) that I wanted to emphatically reinstate after it's round trip in the virtual world.

The original is in my private collection.

Keywords: Sky Scraper, Sex, Blue, Stilettos, Woman, New York, Helmut Newton, Bunny Girl, High Rise, Glamour, Elsa Peretti, Balcony

Subjects: Erotic

Styles: Figurative, Modern, Portraiture, Street Art, Realism

Mediums: Paint, New Media

Materials: Paper

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