Dream Computer Painting by William Rafael Marquina Buitrago

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I think the artist should delve into science and offer an idea about what happens in it.
Art can help science think, but more to humanity.
The key to art is not only to have an aesthetic vision of the world, but also of the links between life and the strangeness of life.
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With symmetrical abstraction a fantastic world of visions of the strange opens up to me.

Art Description

Painting: Paint on Canvas.

Author: William Marquina
Series: Symmetrical abstraction
Title: Dream Computer
Technique: Paint on canvas
Dimensions: 29,52 inch (height) x 37,20 inch (width)
Year: 2017
-Signed front and back
-Without wooden frame

This topic is, how to understand the biological human from a pictorial vision. I focused on the complexity of the hypothalamus as an organ specialized in ordering and instructing the organs of the body to maintain life, regulating their emotions, sensations, and responses to everything they experience both inside and outside their environment, among other things, the wakefulness and the dream. The brain scan image gave me the idea of seeing an abstract identity there, so I made an interpretation of a scan during sleep so that it would represent the subject as a kind of ship traveling through a network of lines, generally of green, blue, yellow and white colors, and that for me the colors of the dream.
I have called this pictorial process "Symmetrical Abstraction" to create patterns of compositions of colors, forms, and in general any visual element that has as starting point what in mathematics is known as bilateral flat symmetry, that is, folding a middle section of a plane or canvas over another middle section of the same plane or canvas, in such a way that upon contacting the surfaces of both sections with the painting still wet in the middle, the copying of all the forms of one section on the other will take place; both sides or sections thus obtain similar shapes in proportion to paint and shapes.




Dream Computer

William Rafael Marquina Buitrago



Size: 37.2 W x 29.5 H x 0.7 in

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