ENCHANTED FOREST Painting by Florence Laurent Minouflet

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Art Description

Painting: Acrylic, varnished on Cardboard.

A quiet path in the forest leads us to a luminous gap ... The soft tones of pink and brown are welcoming.

But our eyes accustomed to the dim light, one can guess silhouettes not seen before. A sort of procession descending from the left ahead. It will soon reach the path and will pass in the shadow of this large oak whose big branch reminds me of a deer's head. He seems to keep the entrance to this forest. And suddenly the mystery envelops us and the question arises to us ... what happens further? In the distance, the trees seem agitated as in a trance, they stretch their agitated arms towards the sky ...

Would this forest be enchanted?

The fairy tales of our childhood often refer to the forest: the little thumb, the little red riding hood, Pean d'âne, snow-white ... The forest is the epitome of nature in the wild, it is often the space of the test and the adventure of an individual confronted with the nocturnal forces of nature. It represents the stake of a fatal or initiatory event according to the cases. Indeed, the forest is the place of magical encounters with dangerous animals or mysterious beings who engage a physical test with the man, test from which this one will come out winner and initiated or loser and mortified.

It can also be the meeting place for oneself, with one's own fear of going beyond events.

It's an acrylic painting realized on thick cardboard which gives a smooth surface with no brush strokes. The cardboard is mounted on canvas.
Colors are softened with effects that look alike chalk pastel. The artist used several layers of glazing to give rich colors like oil painting of masters.
It is varnished to protect it from dust.

The piece of art is not framed. It can be framed with a floater frame.




Florence Laurent Minouflet



Size: 27.6 W x 19.7 H x 0.8 in

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