'Elmira' Painting by Julian Raven

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Art Description

Painting: Latex on Canvas.

This 10 foot painting is the culmination of multiple seared summer images from my mind. I paint from inspiration and memory. Certain flowers, textures and color combinations leap out at me as I pass by the unending fields oozing with vibrant and joyful wildflowers.
Their peculiar wild and untamed dance always arrests my attention. Their man-free arrangements are always so inspiring. The energy and rhythms of the lines, colors and textures arrest my powers of perception.

The results are expressed in this recent painting completed in the month of September 2014.

This painting is thick with texture, since I use large amounts of paint. This is a brushless painting. The drip and splash technique is able to capture, rhythm, texture, energy and randomness like no other technique.

Since the painting is so large it is hard to appreciate the detail. The wild grasses, whites, yellows, oranges and purples are sumptuous. It is truly a visual feast drawing the viewer into the field making you just want to pick the flowers!

This photo is a montage of the painting. Please see the other image of the painting on this site.
“Using my advanced brushless ‘drip & splash’ technique, I am able to achieve profound depths of both inner world human abstract expressions and outer world natural impressions. I love the freedom and power that my technique facilitates.

My brushless ‘Drip & Splash’ technique is incredible in its flexibility and fluidity. In my abstract paintings is allows me huge reach in both the development of fantastic lines as well as complex layered textures. I use large amounts of paint in both my abstract expressionist paintings and my post impressionist paintings. My paintings start large and can get huge. It is an awesome experience to be able to create balanced compositions on such huge canvases. Vibrant color, unhindered use of masses of paint, allows me to create great textures and energy packed large abstract paintings. Even my impressionist paintings are bold and full of life. The scale of my lines and the fluid application of paint brings to life my naturally inspired paintings.

Passion, intensity, energy, vibrancy, beauty, joy and spirit are some of the components of life that feed my soul, fuel my drive and thus burst with desire to come out in my art work. My abstract paintings are subconscious efforts to express these attributes of our human experience. My abstract expressionist goals are to capture these powerful life forces, experiences and emotions and record them through my paintings. These contagious and intoxicating life ingredients can be viscerally experienced by those who acquire my work.

My abstract impressionist and post impressionist paintings are my way of echoing my experience as I pass through this world of divine beauty. The thick, rich colored layers and textures, coupled by the wild and untamed movement, color and composition of natures images grab my attention. As much as I love well ordered, designed and manicured natural arrangements, I find the wild and unplanned wildflowers and ‘chaotic’ scenery captures my heart. It is the spectacular seasons I experience up here in New York than keep me captive and prisoner to their schedule and rhythm. I cannot help but be captivated by what I see, my eyes wander where ever I go, yearning to feast on some new unseen arrangement of unplanned wild nature.

I love being an artist and I love the world God has made for me to delight myself in.

Thank you for enjoying my art,


Julian Raven”





Julian Raven

United States


Size: 126 W x 79 H x 1.5 in

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