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Painting: Acrylic on Canvas.

Guatavita MYTHICAL LEGEND OF LAKE NATIVE OF COLOMBIA A 3000 m above sea level.
"Laguna de Guatavita was reputedly one of the sacred lakes of the Muisca, and a ritual conducted there is widely thought to be the basis for the legend of El Dorado. The legend says the lake is where the Muisca celebrated a ritual in which the Zipa (named "El Dorado" by the Conquistadores) was covered in gold dust, then venturing out into the water on a ceremonial raft made of rushes, he dived into the waters washing off the gold. Afterward, trinkets, jewelry, and other precious offerings were thrown into the waters by worshipers. A few artifacts of gold and silver found at bottom hold proof to this claim; however, to date, the trips to the bottom of the lake have yielded no more than these (see below).

Another One of the Pre-Columbian myths concerning Lake Guatavita is of a local tribal Cacique (chief) and the serpent god believed to live in the waters ;

After discovering that one of his wives had been unfaithful to him with another man, the chief ordered her lover's murder and then his wife was forced to eat the dead man's sexual organs. He also paid musicians to compose and sing songs about her infidelity around the town.

His wife then fled from home with her baby daughter, and flung herself and the child into the lake. Upon hearing news of this, the chief sorrowfully regretted his actions, and begged for help from the local shaman, asking him to find a way of bringing her and the baby back.

The shaman made a sacrifice to the serpent god of the lake and hurled heated stones into the waters – after which he dived in and swam to the deep.

The shaman discovered the chief's wife and daughter living on the bed of the lake with the serpent god. He hurried back to the surface to report this to the chief, who then ordered him to go back to bring his wife and child home.

After many hours, the shaman returned – bringing with him only the corpse of the child. On battling the serpent god for the wife and child of the chief, the serpent god had devoured the child's eyes and the baby had died. The wife meanwhile remained at the bottom of the lake with the serpent god."("Lake Guatavita" .Take from Wikipedia)

Keywords: women, colombia, desnudo, mujer, Lago, cruz, cross, cruxifiction, GUATAVITA, INDIOS, LEYENDA, nude

Subjects: People

Styles: Surrealism

Mediums: Acrylic

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