Haunted Music Painting by Adam R Grose MA RWAAN

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Views on the studio wall.
Views on the studio wall.
Views on the studio wall.
Views on the studio wall.

Art Description

Painting: Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Stone, Rcok Pigments on Canvas.

This painting uses rock pigments collected from my walk in the landscape of Somerset, Spain, Cyprus and Mexico. The rocks were collected during my walks and travels, turning into powder and using as pigment to create these small paintings exploring the accidental and incidental whilst listen to jazz.
The combination of listening to music and working with nature, through various elements including the powder, movement of water, sea water, snow water, hailstone water, turps, linseed and gravity exploring the intervention of the artist with a variety of materials and means to capture the essence of the moment, forming these topographical works on paper.
The collaborative pieces between the artist and the materials draw out the natural and the manipulated, forming paintings that explore the movement of nature, entropy and conceptual thoughts influenced in subtle ways through the intervention of sound to form poetical painting with natural materials and industrially made material, resonating with the Anthropocene age.

These works are applied to a board once dry and placed into a handmade box frame. Created whilst listening to the band Emperor's New Clothes.



Haunted Music

Adam R Grose MA RWAAN

United Kingdom


Size: 6.7 W x 4.9 H x 0.1 in

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