Her Countless Suitors Painting by Andrew Weir

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Detail (Spackle & Chinese marker on paper)

Art Description

Painting: Pastel, Acrylic, Ink, Spray Paint, Spackle on Paper.

The title (and the work itself) is inspired by the Japanese ‘Waka’ poet Ono no Komachi. She was probably born in the first half of the 9th century. Her profoundly melancholic poetry and mythical beauty elevated her to the stuff of legend. One legend has it that Komachi promised a notably high-ranking courtier that if he visited her continuously for a hundred nights, she would then become his lover. He visited her every night, regardless of the weather, but died on the ninety-ninth night

My recent work is interested in exploring the emotional response of moving from one culture to another and continues to pursue my fascination with the relationship between symbols (for example language and mythological symbolism) and the possibility of meaning that they contain. How one series of lines can be immediately recognized as holding meaning to someone while to another they are (at that moment) meaningless.

This recognition of the power of symbols shapes our perceptions of the world and consequently directly affect how (and why) we act.

Moreover, these systems of symbols which we have created and use to communicate have a fragile and ephemeral nature. Words lose their 'original' meaning and change. Languages are lost, discovered and created. Symbols which were once taboo and progressive become pedestrian and mundane.

These tools (symbols) which we use are pathways to understanding our past, present and where we want to be as individuals and as societies in the future.

This transience is acknowledged through my working process. I am more interested in the actual process as opposed to the completion.

I work and re-work my paintings adding, removing layers until a form appears which I then develop upon

This piece was produced on high quality acrylic paper with a masking tape border around the edges. It is protected with a non-yellowing fixative & varnish.



Her Countless Suitors

Andrew Weir



Size: 27.6 W x 39.4 H x 0.1 in

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