I Choose To Shine Bright

United States

Size: 12 H x 9 W x 0.3 in

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Art Description

Painting: Ink, Charcoal, Gesso, Pastel and Watercolor on Paper.

"I Choose To Shine Bright" was created on Christmas Eve of 2018.

What started out as an experiment in bravery (just letting myself see if I could allow myself to be messy while I tried to make something delicate), soon turned into a subconscious exploration on "deciding."

Our decisions shape our perspective, and neither one are set in stone. We are allowed to change our minds, or see things differently at anytime we wish - no questions asked.

Life is messy - can you see it's perfection?

Shadows are evident - can you find the Light?

Time is running out - can you see it's Infinite nature?

Deep spiritual thoughts offer us many paradoxes like this, but as my Spirit Team tells me - all paradoxes resolve as we approach our true nature - Infinite Oneness with All.

2018 offered much in the way of polarity. Many dark things came into the light, and sometimes when this happens we feel despair, as if the light may be disappearing.

But I believe this is not the case - if anything more light has come in, flooding it's awareness into all corners of our world, and there is nothing a shadow loves more than a good corner to hide in. All corners are being illuminated at this point in time. Let us all celebrate and make the decision to Shine Bright, no matter what is revealed.

This painting was created on 140lb. cold pressed watercolor paper. Dye based inks were used like watercolors to both tone and stain the image, giving it the feeling like the painting left and impression on the paper rather than being painted. Textured was created using gesso and combining it with water-soluble oil pastels. Fine details were added with a variety of inks, including a silver metallic ink on the stars.

Keywords: Stars, Tonal, Woman, Celestial, Contemplative, Angel, Dreamy, Female, Figurative, Minimal, Mystical, Neutral

Subjects: Women

Styles: Expressionism, Figurative, Illustration, Modern

Mediums: Ink, Charcoal, Gesso, Pastel, Watercolor

Materials: Paper

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