Living unit Painting by Ieva Tarejeva

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Art Description

Painting: Oil, mixed media , Full spectrum, 3D Sculpting, New Media on Canvas, Other.

Body is the essence of the work. Through it's prism I analyze time and temporality, relation between space and body, its aesthetization. If a body is the house of soul, I am interested if a soul domesticates it throughout the lifetime. By turning pictures into bodies I seek to establish the most sincere dialogue between a viewer and the painting. Experimenting with canvases, paint and various pigment I archieve surfaces, colors and textures that resemble physiological structures.
If you ask me what kind of body is aesthetic, I would answer very simply – a healthy one. However, from this point of view, I often encounter certain requirements and standardizations from the environment. In the aesthetics of a body I also see the other side – further from society, closer to an individual. I often think about why parts that separate from the body (eg, skin, hair, teeth, etc.) cause disgust or other distressing feelings. I guess, that "lost" parts are either metaphorically perceived as death or directly relate to death by our consciousness. The presence of death nearby, especially in Western culture, is difficult to accept. In this painting, I am searching for the answers and trying to encourage others to think about these social and philosophical phenomenas.

"Human. Animal. Insect. Plant.
Meat. Skin. Bone. Tissue. Liquids.
Joints." - my brief description of the painting.

Art critic Jolanta Marcišauskytė-Jurašienė about the works of Ieva Tarejeva: However, one important element remains - it is a "body", which is not simply "depicted" with paint on the canvas, but is directly associated with it, as if it was still alive and taking shape, since it can be viewed differently depending on viewing angle and lighting.



Living unit

Ieva Tarejeva



Size: 47 W x 59 H x 4 in

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