Lotus Land(part 2)-------lotuses with a butterfly


Size: 18 H x 13.5 W x 0.1 in

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Art Description

Painting: Watercolor and Ink

During the course of my creation,I do not exactly have realized where my experiments would lead. However it has striken me that how could the luminosity be viewed without the darkened background to set it off.Therefore the essential natural brightness of lotus flower had irradiated my mind.In the upper part of the painting, the seemingly random jabs, slashes, semi-effaced marks, combining with the illusion of space which is created by the use of subdued color tones,all together constituted
a new and uniquely personal style to describe the extraordinary life and movement being ever lasting in the environment;at the same time,the illuminated quallity of lotus flower could stand out against the muted setting.

In the lower part of the painting,the water flowing in serpentines is an integrant vividity of the orchestrations.As one’s field of vision is rounded rather than rectangular,that the circulated inspection to veiw the painting is induced by the overall energetic and harmonious brushstrokes.The directions of the visional movements is also accentuated by the flying butterfly which is leading our attentions to the pristine beauty of the lotus flower.

Keywords: butterfly, Modern Chinese painting, Buddism, flower, lotuses

Subjects: Floral

Styles: Realism, Expressionism, Impressionism

Mediums: Watercolor, Ink

Artist Recognition

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