On my videoplayer


Size: 35.4 H x 37 W x 2 in

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Art Description

Painting: Oil, LED and Lights on Wood and Other.

The simultaneous relationship with the viewer led me to convey the charm and beauty of these masterpieces of the cyber world, translating them pictorially to the "maniera" of the Masters of the Rinascimento revisited. The most representative features from images downloaded the demo of some video games, such as "The Last of Us", "Beyond: Two Souls" and "Agni 's Philosophy", are inserted into a spatial context stranger to the videogame narrative but easily identified by the observer through the interposition of some details seemingly familiar.
Just one of these elements which leave room for imagination had to create that interactive relationship with the viewer and therefore had need of a new and more effective interpretation. The icon of the video player, in "The pause of the player" made on canvas in 2013, it still looks like pictorial element intended to strengthen the cutting space opera. The idea comes later with "On my videoplayer", carried on board in 2014. Icon was carved in wood and has been applied on a sheet of plexiglass so that it was backlit. Through the use of RGB led lamps, I recreated the effect in macroscopic version of a video player on standby waiting to receive the "command" from the one who is curiously misled.

Keywords: Beauty, Play Station, Woman, Videoplayer, Fantasy, Videogame

Subjects: Fantasy

Styles: Figurative, Modern, Realism, Fine Art

Mediums: Oil, LED, Lights

Materials: Wood, Other

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