Splash Painting by SERGEI ZALIVATSKI

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Art Description

Painting: Acrylic, Metal, Bronze, Paint on Canvas.

The picture has a long history. It began with the first sensations of touching the ancient technique of Nihonga - Japanese painting with natural and artificial pigments of different grain sizes of grinding on the traditional binder. I just received the first parcel from Tokyo.
More than a one and half hundred bags of colorful powders of various shades had the expected effect on me - several canvases on the same day were poured, wiped, covered with pigments, turned into paint in strict accordance with the instructions of Japanese masters.
More than a year has passed, but I still could not give the name of only one of the paintings that started on that significant day for me.
Frankly, it did not upset me at all. Reading books about Nihong traditions, examining Japanese masters' engravings, patterns on samurai armor or katana blades, aerial play of batik on a geisha kimono, feeling on the fingers subtle differences in the grindings of pigments during paint preparation, I was gradually permeated by inexplicable calm, consonant, perhaps the peace of mind of a Buddhist monk meditator ...
Layer upon layer, enhancing the depth of the shades, pigments from malachite green to azure blue lay on the picture. Over time, golden comets floated over blue and green, galaxies silvered and star nebulae gleamed. Once appeared, the copper dragon gradually began to fill in all the space. And suddenly it became quite clear: the picture just physically suffers from a lack of red spectrum!
Hurriedly preparing the paint from the brightest red pigment, I threw it out of the cup on the canvas ...







Size: 27.6 W x 39.4 H x 0.8 in

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