seams of the fog: iridescent Painting by Sophia Lee

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details of the etching
view of painting on the wall at The Mill
detail of the waxed surface

Art Description

Painting: encaustics, Paint, Wax, pigment, Etching on Wood, Plastic, Other.

i live in san francisco and here, the fog has a name, Karl the fog. i've been fascinated by the concept of fog since i was a child. viewing from a distance, it both hides and reveals. when one is wrapped with it, our senses are changed. sounds have a deadened echo to it and smell is heightened, our sights r hindered and there is a high moisture on our skin.
in this collaged painting, i'm using materials found in our everyday life that otherwise would've been discarded. i make a beautiful colorful pattern and then cover it with layers of beeswax. the play is both natural and synthetic. once the first layer of "artwork" is covered, i use wood carving knives to etch out the wax to reveal the whats hidden behind the fog. the lines are often inspired by the strata of rock formations or the lines on the tree trunks or it may be the arieal view of the earth.
in this series of 10 paintings, each has it's own story to tell. this particular painting, the hidden image is created by crayons from kids who has outgrown them. one may never be able to see the whole of what is hidden, but can only guess through what is cut away, a mystery to be pondered over.


seams of the fog: iridescent

Sophia Lee

United States


Size: 24 W x 24 H x 1.5 in

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