Baby Doll

Size: 17.7 H x 12.6 W x 0 in

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Art Description

Photography: Digital, C-type and Color on Paper.

Description: 'Baby-doll' is an expression of sadness caused by the death of portrait intended in its classical way (painting or conventional photography). The digital baby portrayed is immortal, when all around him seems to die: the flower, the lamp is burning, the atmosphere around him is decadent. Perhaps is the death of the portrait as we knew it so far, but is the birth of a new kind of portrait, a time for a new reality. Medium: PhotographyYear Created: 2008

Keywords: Portrait, Surrealism, Fine Art, Children, Dream, Fantasy

Subjects: Portrait

Styles: Fine Art, Figurative, Modern, Portraiture

Mediums: Digital, C-type, Color

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