Dreamlike surface n. 4 - Limited Edition 1 of 10 Photograph by Daniele Calvani

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Art Description

Photography: Color, Manipulated, Photo, Paper on Paper.

"As a symbol of dreaming, fish refers to the contents of the collective unconscious.The sea is the symbol of the collective unconscious.The fish, symbol of the Self, is an image that lives in the waters of the unconscious".

From "Jung and the Alchemical Imagery" by Jeffrey Raff

Paining with photography
My basic inspiration start from the "color".
My research that can be utilized a particular photographic tecnique, united at a big dose of improvisation.
Another negligible ingredients, is "the case", which is entrust to a big relief.
"Painting with photography", because through the long times release, and with moving camera, the colors of solid object loosing their consistence, they enlarge, they liquified, they fuse togheter and they assume unaxpected shades.
The reality, or more simply, the concreet object, take in consideration it's changing, loosing their phisicall caracterist remained, some times, just a long trace with difficulty decipherable.
At the first phase more artistic became another resoned : choosing of the released, their combination of different composition (coollage, superimposition or simple presentation of the single release).
The appeal of Photoshop, is limited at the compositive effect, and at the use, some time, of the collage tecnique.
With my surfaces, i want to evidence the complessity of the reality in a soggettive way : objective and percective.
I used the term "surface" to provoke and define my work, to evidence how throwgh the superficial appearence, exist an unknownand transcend world, on wich i raised to.
I'm interested to the unknown, to the astonishment and to the paradox.



Dreamlike surface n. 4 - Limited Edition 1 of 10

Daniele Calvani



Size: 31.5 W x 26.3 H x 0.4 in

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