Like Aphrodite - Limited Edition 1 of 10 Photograph by Viktor Rybas

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Art Description

Photography: New Media, LASER, C-type on Paper, Other.

The subject of my art is a person. I'm interested in what kind of people will be in the distant future, but I'm trying to find their features in our contemporaries now. Since I am photographing real people, they come to the shooting with their problems, which they give out to the inhabitants of the present time. But very soon I find in them that energy that moves these people forward, transfers from our time to the future.
The subject of my research is a man of the future who is interesting now, but, due to the radical novelty of my visuality, will become understandable to viewers only after many years.
  For the production of my work I use traditional photographic technique. Digital or film camera - the most ordinary, unusual - lighting. Traditional lighting fixtures are not used by me – there are not permanent light, or flashlights. To get a luminous mesh of thin lines on the surface of the object I shoot, I steer only one search of light to the object, it's a laser emitter that is in my hands. This interlacing of laser lines inexplicably causes our perception to understand the shape and many other characteristic details of the existence of the object I have shot.
 I was inspired by many masters of painting and drawing, who created their own method of drawing or photographing. Leonardo Da Vinci, Durer, Pavel Chelishchev, Man Ray. I can make a new frame just because a special color atmosphere of the interior, a natural place with unusual lighting or light emanating from a person.
 I would like to see the audience still delighted when viewing my work. I see how it pleases them, detaches them from reality, raises daily routine over routine and directs them into the future.
 My works can be compared with some works of Durer - thanks to his ingenious manner of a seemingly casual look at the event, with the works of Pavel Chelischev with his detailed body and the prediction of energy channels in the human body.



Like Aphrodite - Limited Edition 1 of 10

Viktor Rybas



Size: 31.5 W x 47.2 H x 0 in

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