Letter A Art Print by Isabelle Poirier

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Art Description

Printmaking: Ink, Color, Black & White, Photo, Paper on Paper, Other, Canvas, Stainless Steel, Cardboard.

My grand-mother gave me this charm bracelet before she past away from lung cancer. Each little charms signifies a moment in her life. The charms were given to her by her loved ones some of them even have engraved initials on them.

After she past, I struggled a lot. I wanted to capture her essence in my projects. It took me a little while to figure it out. I didn't want to be too intense and I wanted to create something people could relate to. I photographed each charms, and manipulated them. Just like that, I started shaping the alphabet. It was therapeutic for a while, but I only made it half way to the alphabet. I think I hit the angry grieving phase and I put everything aside for 5 years.

Recently, I was going through a major cleaning phase. I found all my ''old'' art projects. I felt extremely nostalgic about it. I shared a video on social media about my letters. I showed the bracelet itself and the letters I had already designed. My messages blew up! People were asking me a lot of questions and asking to get prints. I was shocked! That gave me the push to finish the series. Which I did.

Each letters are composed by 100 to 300 charms.

In this series the alphabet represent my upbringing. Every child learns the same basic when they are young but they have a different environment which alters their experiences. This is what I'm trying to showcase here. My grand-mother had a big influence in my childhood.


Letter A

Isabelle Poirier



Size: 13 W x 19 H x 1 in

This artwork is not for sale.