Oriental illusion - Limited Edition 1 of 1 Art Print by Сафинаи Рушд Сафинаи Рушд

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Art Description

Printmaking: Oil, Bronze on Bronze, Soft (Yarn, Cotton, Fabric), Wood, Other.

KUNDAL – is one of kinds of ornamental art. Kundal as ornament was found for the first time in the XV century. At once, it reaches a high flourishing. Many sights of Samarqand and Bukhara are decorated with kundal. Usually, the base of kundal is in a blue-light blue or golden color. The technology of kundal is the following: a board is dabbed with glue, cloth is tightened on the board, and it is tightened with glue again. After glue’s drying, ornament is put with template on it. Then, gach (alabaster) and glue are boiled in water, and this liquid is put with a brush on the ornament. While the first layer dries, the second layer is put on. As a result, the most beautiful ornamental canvases appear. Special glue – elim – is put on the surface of it, and oil zingari – on glue elim. When all of that dries, a golden leaflet is put on. The surface of the leaflet is again tightened with elim and dyed with blue-light blue color, what is again tightened with oil zingari.




Oriental illusion - Limited Edition 1 of 1

Сафинаи Рушд Сафинаи Рушд



Size: 21.7 W x 17.7 H x 0.8 in

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