Back again the Wall (Upcycling tires) Sculpture by BA AMADOU

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Back again the Wall (Upcycling tires)




Size: 28 W x 57 H x 25 in

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Art Description

Sculpture: Rubber on Plastic.

My personal and artistic journey leads me to look at the world with the eyes of a Traveler.
In our culture, travel is an initiation. Borders are thus an obstacle to overcome.
Today, the world is accessible to All through the Internet, social networks and others.
Yet, physically, not everyone is equal before the journey. The journey is considered for the Westerners as a leisure as another. For us, the inhabitants of Africa, the journey can only be conceived as a risk-taking. The visa application (rejected at 99%) we contrived either to remain cloistered in our micro space or to take the risk (canoe, boat, ....).
The rise of the physical border reconstruction in Europe and the United States leads me to reflect on this notion of travel and frontier.
If this continues, each of us in his own country will be confronted with the Wall of the neighboring country.

This creation helps us to reflect that the self-confining of the Wall to build us to protect us from the Stranger.
We are all the Stranger of someone, and soon We will be forced to look at ourselves above a Wall


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