Golden alien Sculpture by David Marchal

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Side view
Rear perspective
Rear view
Detail of golden metallic finish
Detail of golden metallic finish

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Golden alien

David Marchal



Size: 3 W x 7.4 H x 4.1 in

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Art Description

Sculpture: Digital, Resin, Paint, 3D Sculpting on Plastic.

The dynamic lines of this mysterious alien blend seamlessly with its golden metallic finish. 
While reflecting the importance of our future this alien also symbolises our place in the universe.
 Its eyes aimed at the sky, the universe, mankind …

Unique sculpture (only 1 made).

A word on the creation process:
This is a high resolution 3d printed sculpture, made of solid resin, meaning that no part of the model is hollowed out to save on material. As a result, the model feels heavy and sturdy.

 After the model is printed in resin, it is cured (with UV-light and baked in a special oven), resulting in a strong and durable sculpture.
 The next step is to meticulously sand it by hand to create a smooth surface. This ensures that any visible layers, resulting from the print-process, are eliminated.
Finally, multiple layers of metallic gold paint are applied for that precious look.


Outer Space