Sun rise - Sun set - (Sold without plinth)

United Kingdom

Size: 78.7 H x 19.7 W x 19.7 in

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Art Description

Sculpture: Environmental on Wood.

My thinking behind the piece is essentially to do with sun rise, sun set and lifelong love. The tree this wood was taken from grew grew here on my farm. Amongst the other trees it reached and was nourished by the sun.  At some point a Woodpecker started to hammer away at it and eventually the tree started to rot from the inside high up in the trunk.  This, a part of the ebb and flow of life. When we took the tree down there was earth generated from the decaying trunk through the middle of the upper part of the trunk.

This upper part of the tree that had reached closer to the sun.  The sun, that warmed its life, I wanted to encompass in the finished piece and continue its journey. I did this by sculpting a small sun tunnel from it to face east to west.

I selected the smallest of the decayed pieces of tree and began by carefully removing the bark.  I left the fallen bark pieces beside the rest of the felled tree so the bugs could migrate there and continue their process of composting.

In removing the decaying bark I exposed the natural markings of the wood underneath. I wanted to limit my touch in the making of this piece to allow the natural markings and decay to show and also the man made markings made by the saw when felling the tree.

Turning the wood back to face the rising and setting sun and placing it in a wooded area captures the fragmented light through the trees which suits the piece.

In 'The Voyage' by Christy Moore (Moore, 1991).  The lyrics reflects and speaks of enduring love through the ups and downs of a life lived together.   This piece is dedicated to that love, From the rising to the setting sun if fate is kind, a graceful love evolves.

Keywords: Sculpture, West, Wood, Sun Set, Sun Rise, East, Environmental, Farm, Jacqueline M Byrne, Love, The Voyage, Christy Moore

Subjects: Rural life

Styles: Fine Art

Mediums: Environmental

Materials: Wood

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