UPCYCLING TIRES (african artiste) The Gardian Sculpture by BA AMADOU

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UPCYCLING TIRES (african artiste) The Gardian




Size: 32 W x 70 H x 20 in

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Art Description

Sculpture: Rubber on Other.

Recycling for me is neither an ecological nor a political option, it is rooted in me. It brings me a primitive relation to matter. Matter, more than the object, has a history of its own, to woo it in order to obtain the best is a sensation felt only by the manual workers.
Of fairly imposing and very sporty body (former weightlifter), in my artistic career, I quickly opted for a subject with which I would have to fight a fight. The tire is a subjugating material: imperishable, handy, resistant and "alive".
I like to learn to manipulate, braid and assemble.
The tire, indispensable accessory to our means of locomotion (car, bike, ....) of agricultural production (tractor, lawnmower, ...), our leisure (quad, motorcycle,). Sports car, vintage car, armament, tire is useful, creator of industrial employment (creation / destruction).
But what ugly little duck waste, hardly recyclable outside the industry, it is the unloved.
This is what motivates me, this matter that everyone wants to forget when it leaves our wheels I endeavor to manify it.
What joy, even enjoyment, when someone approaches one of my rooms, discreetly touches it or dismisses me "I can touch?" And his astonishment: "Are they real tires?"

Self-taught, I create without plan to instinct. I settle in my workshop, I turn on the music and enter into communion with the subjects. I cut, I saw, I assemble, and everything assembled, fits together, see the day the premises of a sculpture, an object, a piece

"The guardian" is a piece that I created in 2015, very soon after my arrival in France. I am Senegalese, and I settled in France in 2015 following the selection of two of my pieces by the Museum of Design Vitra (Germany). It was then time for me to come face to face with other realists. A little disoriented by this change, I started with the creation thus creating to me a protection through my works.