Carol McDermott

Carol McDermott

Carlisle, Cumbria, United Kingdom

About Carol McDermott

Originally from Newcastle upon Tyne, Carol works from her cottage in the North Pennines in the UK. Carol’s ability to produce both abstract and figurative work is outstanding, her landscape paintings are deeply personal, they have an underlying sense of mystery and a mystical relationship with nature. They are intuitive, immediate, true and soulful. Her abstracts are striking, intriguing and resemble abstract talismans full of the right type of energy.
Carol uses only professional quality art materials and regarding her most recent work she stretches her own canvas using Italian fine artists linen. Carol says: “After painting for 32 years I still find it an extremely exciting and magical process. My paintings are a mystery to me and I wouldn’t have it any other way ” ... Follow Carol on Instagram and other social media for latest info and works in progress.
PRIVATE COLLECTIONS: Uk, USA, Australia, France, Dubai and Israel.


Studied Fine Art in London, sponsored by Christies Fine Art Auctioneers.1988-1991 City & Guilds of London Art School.


Recent exhibitions;
2020 Presence exhibition, Edwin Talbot Gallery, Carlisle
2020 Proseed exhibition, Carlisle Cumbria
2018 Two Artist exhibition at the Front Room gallery, Brampton, Cumbria
2017 Collaboration with Fumar music, art happening in the North Peninnes
2017 C-Art at West Garth Cottage, Cumbria
2017 live painting in the old quarter, Carlisle.
2017 Rheged Gallery, Penrith.
2017 Abstract Gallery, Brampton, Cumbria
2017 Cathedral Cafe, Carlisle
2016 Gallery Number Three, Christmas exhibition
2016 Gallery Number Three, Spring Exhibition
2015 Berwick Watchtower Gallery, open exhibition
2015 Twitter Art Exhibition, Moss, Norway.
2013 Waiting for Perseus, solo show at Creation Fine Arts Gallery, Beverley, Yorkshire
2013 Summer Salon at Whistle Art stop, Northumberland
20/21 International Art fair, Royal college of art, London
Edinburgh Arts festival, Fiumano fine art
2011 Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead, London
2012 #twitterart exhibition, Norway
2012 Chelsea Arts Fair, London
2012 ‘opening show’ Creation Fine Arts Gallery, Beverley, Yorkshire
2012 Summer show, Fiumano Fine Art, London
2012 Affordable Art fair, (Fiumano Fine Art) Hampstead Heath, London
2012 Christmas show, Creation Fine Arts, Beverley, Yorkshire
2010 ‘Capturing Nature’, three woman show at Fiumano Fine Art, London

There is a full exhibition list on my website, please follow the link under the profile image.