Chery Holmes

Chery Holmes

Westmount, QC, Canada

About Chery Holmes

My background is bare bones working class, yet my parents never encouraged their children to identify with any model of social or economic disadvantage. On the contrary, we were inspired to empathize and assist those people in our community who suffered from poverty, severe illness, or any form of mental disability. My mother worked for years at a hospital for sick children, she advocated for disenfranchised members of the lesbian and gay community, and in her later years, she volunteered her services to a large seniors' centre in the heart of the city. My father always chauffeured the volunteers to places where they could do the most good, and he collected and delivered used clothing to the less fortunate.
My young experiences made it easy for me to identify with the underdog, and to constantly question and attempt to make sense of the world we live in. Theatre does the same with its depictions of the alienated, the undervalued and the misunderstood. Theatre questions the status quo, and prompts the audience to look inside themselves for answers. By using the theme of theatre in my artwork, I am provided with a platform to express my affinity with so many of the sentiments and moral challenges presented on the stage. Collage and mixed media techniques allow me to be experimental and to work in an intuitive fashion. Every piece of art that I create is a combination of my inspirations, my life experience and my subconscious mind. My focus on the theatre helps me to identify and clarify in my creative pieces exactly what it is I care about in this world.


School of Art & Design -Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
Studied with American portrait artist Daniel E. Greene
Studied with distinguished Canadian artist Marion Wagschal

I was one of the founding members of Powerhouse Gallery in Montreal, Quebec (the first feminist gallery in Canada), which is continuing today as La Centrale.


Merz Gallery Sanquhar, Scotland
International Time Recorder (Quebec) Co.
Canada Council Art Bank, Ottawa
Musée D'Art Contemporain, Montreal
Vol Du Nuit, Montreal
DCL Photography, Montreal
Private Collections


“3rd Annual “555 Special” Summer Online Art Competition July 2021 -
"Special Recognition Award" for "The Prop Master"
November 2020 "Identity II" Envision Art, Texas
April 2020 One of the featured artists in Calyx Art Journal
Jan/Feb 2020 Schwitter's Army Online
July 2019 Featured interview in TheatreArtLife
Special Merit Award for "The Costume Designer" LightSpaceTime Gallery July 2018
Two time winner of Hallmark Canada Greeting Card Competition.
Cover artist for eight novels published by Oberon Press.
Numerous publications featuring my art as cover art or as illustrations for articles.
June 2021 Featured in the Mirvish Theatre online magazine "Meanwhile"
2021 Cover art for the Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine #28
25 group exhibitions in Canada, the United States and Europe.
8 solo exhibitions in Quebec and Ottawa.