Paco Delissalde

Paco Delissalde

Denver, CO, United States

About Paco Delissalde

Artist’s philosophy:
“I find immense pleasure in the beauty and purity
of the lines of a human body or
in the magnificence of a starry night.
I observe both creature and creation;
I am fascinated by their perfection.
I cling to their message with a deep sense
of devotion and responsibility.
If my work transmits a profound sentiment of hope in life,
I am fulfilled."

Biographical Vignette:
Delissalde was born in Mexico City and lives in Denver, Colorado since 2004. He discovered and cultivated his intense love for the visual arts early in his life studying drawing, human anatomy and painting at the ATELIER GUILLMAN under artist painter Manuel Guillén (1971-1978) and art history and sculpture at the NATIONAL SCHOOL OF SCULPTURE AND PAINTING (LA ESMERALDA) in Mexico City (1977- 1978). He continued to nurture and cultivate this passion while living in New York, Philadelphia and Vienna-Austria (1978-1985), and through his continuous art study trips to New York City, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and Amsterdam. Since 2010 he travels annually to Lisbon, France, Spain and Italy to study the works of modern European sculptors and painters.

Delissalde’s early training in sculpting and painting as well as his formal studies in the fields of chemical engineering (B.Sc), theology (Th.M.) and philosophy (Ph.D.), attest him as an artist genuinely and relentlessly engaged in the human quest for Beauty.

Delissalde currently specializes in sculpture in bronze —figurative expressionism in genre—and drawing—oneiric nude feminine figure—that announces and transmits the most intense sentiments experienced by the human condition. In his work, the artist conveys the uniqueness and greatness of the human spirit, from the earthly to the divine.

Since 2008 Delissalde works in his Atelier in Denver where he creates his sculptures and drawings. He conducts the casting and finishing of his bronze sculptures in partnership with foundries in Denver and Loveland, Colorado. His editions are usually limited to five originals per sculpture.

Delissalde’s work is prized by art collectors in France, Spain, Portugal, and Mexico as well as in the United States. In one of his latest commissions, the artist was chosen to design and create four monumental bronze sculptures, feminine allegories, to fill the four niches under the dome of the State Capitol of Wyoming which remained empty for a hundred and thirty years. In July 2019, the sculptures were installed and unveiled.


—ATELIER GUILLMAN, Mexico City, Maestro Manuel Guillen. Studies drawing, human anatomy and painting (1971-78).
—NATIONAL SCHOOL OF SCULPTURE AND PAINTING (LA ESMERALDA), Mexico City (1977-78). Studies drawing, sculpture and art history.
—Bachelor of Sciences, Chemical Engineering, Mexico City, 1975.
—Master of Theology, Dallas, Texas, 1993.
—Doctor of Philosophy, Mexico City, 2000.


Public Sculpture Unveiling Ceremonies:

"Four Sisters: Truth, Justice, Courage, and Hope". Bronze.Monumental feminine allegories.Dome of the State Capitol of Wyoming, Cheyenne, USA.

Portrait of Monsieur Jerome Lewis. Bronze.Life size
Downing Street Foundation, Denver, Colorado.

2015 I thirst. Bronze. Half-Life Size
Cross-less crucifix,Church of San Vicente, City of San Sebastian, SPAIN.

2014 Love one another. Bronze. Round Bas relief
Colorado Christian College, Denver, Colorado.

2013 Portrait of Chancellor V. Grounds. Bronze. Life size. Denver Theological Seminary, Denver, Colorado.


2017 I thirst, Half-Life Size, San Sebastian, SPAIN.
2012. Head of “Victoria”.
Aix-en-Provence, FRANCE;
Mexico City, MEXICO;
2017 I thirst, (1/4 Life size).
Key Biscayne, Florida;
Westminster, Colorado.
Coral Gables, Florida;
Greenwood Village, Colorado.
2012. L’Émigrante.
Aix-en-Provence, FRANCE;
Denver, Colorado
2011 Magdalene.
Cherry Hills, Colorado;
Barcelona, SPAIN;
Aix-en-Provence, FRANCE
2012 Deborah.
Avon, Colorado;
Aix-en-Provence, FRANCE.
2012 Awakening.
Cherry Hills, Colorado;
Denver, Colorado.
2016 Feminine nude sitting. Denver, Colorado.
2015 Guardian angel. Denver, Colorado.
2015 Beethoven. Mexico City.
2011 La Main de Dieu.
City of San Sebastian, SPAIN;
Denver, Colorado,
Barcelona, SPAIN.
2012 Love one another. Grand medallion,
Pueblo, Colorado;
Denver, Colorado.
2012 La réveuse. Lisbon, PORTUGAL.
2011 Bust Portrait. Greenwood Village, Colorado.
2011 I shall rise again. Denver, Colorado.
2011 Awakening. Cherry Creek, Colorado.
2010 Bust Portrait. Denver, Colorado.
2010 The Man of Galilee.
Paris, FRANCE.
City of San Sebastian, SPAIN.
Mexico City, MEXICO.
Greenwood Village, Colorado,
Castle Rock, Colorado.
Englewood, Colorado.
2010 La Main de Dieu.
Key Biscayne, Florida.
Greenwood Village, Colorado.
Paris, FRANCE,
Barcelona, SPAIN.
2009 The Man of Galilee, Parker, Colorado.
2009 Bust Portrait. Monsieur C. Latcham,
Denver, Colorado.
2009 Bust portrait, Monsieur Gaylord Layton,
Denver, Colorado.
2009 Deborah, Avon, Colorado.
2008 Study of Athena, Aix-en-Provence, FRANCE.
2008 Study of Athena, Denver, Colorado.


Loveland Juried National Sculpture Show
Loveland, Colorado
August 2016

Solo Exhibition: Retrospective
Delissalde Art Gallery
Cherry Creek North—Denver, Colorado
February-July 2016

Solo Exhibition: Femme
Alliance Française Art Galerie
July to August 2012

Solo Exhibition:
Elohim Barah Gallery Wall
Greenwood Community Church, Denver.
November 2010

Solo Exhibition:
Elohim Barah Gallery Wall
Greenwood Community Church, Denver.
April-May 2008

Galeria Beaskoa
Collective Show
Barcelona, SPAIN
January to June 2014

Atelier Guillman Collective Show
Cancún, MEXICO
May 2002