Denis Kollasch

Denis Kollasch

Berlin, Deutschland, Germany

About Denis Kollasch

Born in 1973 in Germany.
First solo exhibition in 2013 with MEGAURBANPOLIS in which i described my utopian landscapes, which mostly consist of buildings in which we live and work.

Further translation of architecture into geometric figures and forms culminates in my ongoing series figura architectura.
Another focus of my artistic works are my experiments with folded paper, which i composed so far in surfaces (polygons) or in photographs or illustrations (faltage).

Since 2017 my artist name is Kollasch. I live and work in Berlin and Weimar.Please, have a look at the artwork in my collections.


Graduate diploma of museology - University HTW Berlin, Germany


2019 “Universal Language“ - Group Show in Brussels, Belgien
2018 "Collagistas-Festival" - Group Show in Dublin, Irland
2018 "KAOS-Festival" - Group Show in Ljubljana, Slovenia
2017 "Beautiful Monsters" - Group Show in Milan, Italy
2016 "Collagistas Festival 3" - Group Show in
Eindhoven, Netherlands
2015 "Minimal Collagen #1" - Group Show in Berlin, Germany
2015 "Schnippseljagd und fette Beute" - Group Show in Berlin, Germany
2015 "Collagistas Festival 2" - Group Show in Thessaloniki,
2014 "New Artists Opening Season" - Group Show in Berlin, Germany
2014 "Collagistas Festival 1" - Group Show in Berlin, Germany
2013 "MEGAURBANPOLIS" - Single Show in Berlin, Germany