dOminic brown

dOminic brown

Rijswijk, Zuid Holland, Netherlands

About dOminic brown

Dominic Brown is a visual artist from Rijswijk, The Netherlands.

The archaeological sites, drawings and symbols he discovers on his journeys to far away places form his primary source of inspiration. Much of his work draws on the 5000 year old murals and hieroglyphs he has visited while traveling through Egypt. His inspiration, however, is not only fueled by the Egyptian sights he has seen. Early in life, Dominic found himself inspired by the rich Turkish culture and Greek mythology. As he got older he also developed a fascination for the Mayan mysteries and Incan civilizations. He sees the eccentric masks from Africa as a way of communicating with the past. He believes that the emotion or message that an artist wanted to express many hundreds or thousands of years ago could not have been transferred more vividly than through a painting, drawing or a symbol. The lines and colors used by the artist elicit a certain emotion from the audience. With the use of his own lines and colors, Dominic, too, seeks to communicate with people throughout the world ." According to him, something that does not have a time or language barrier will never perish.


Graphic design academy Rotterdam.
Visiting museums and get inspired.


Atelier in Rijswijk, contact me through my website, for a visit.


Mimesia Gallery.
The Hague, the Netherlands

Gallerie Aile
Seoul, Sout Korea

De Galerie Den Haag, Netherlands

Galerie Pouloeuff, group exhibition, Naarden NL
June 28 - October 6 2013

ESA ( European Space Agency), Solo exhibition at wintergarden, Noordwijk NL
June 3 - June 10 2013

Artemis Designhotel groupexhibition, Amsterdam NL
March 7 - May 26 2013

Cock arts Rudas studios, Dusseldorff DE
March 5 2013

Galerie 3G, Sittard NL
December 1 - March 1 2012/2013

Artfair "Kunzfetti", Sittard NL
November 24/25 2012

Galerie Sous Terre Aalsmeer NL
September 9 - November 11 2012

Ship of Fools Gallery, Den Haag NL
September 2 - November 2 2012

Galeria Gaudi, Group Exhibition, Madrid ES
July 1 - November 1 2012

Artfair "Art Laren", Laren NL
May 26 - May 28 2012

Public library, Rijswijk NL
March 1 - April 1 2012

Gallery Chiefs and Spirits, Den Haag NL
February 1 - May 3

"Affordable Art Fair", Amsterdam NL
October 27 - October 30 2011

Hilton Hotel Copenhagen, DK
September 8 - November 10 2011

Walls Gallery, Group Exhibition " Beyond the streets ", Amsterdam NL
June 5 - July 28 2011

"Affordable Art Fair", Amsterdam NL
May 11 - May 15, 2011

Walls Gallery, Group Exhibition " Face the walls " Amsterdam NL
April 13 - June 4 2011

Artfair "Open Artfair", Utrecht NL
September 14 - September 18 2011

Artfair "Kunst & Living", Ahoy Rotterdam NL
October 29 - October 31 2010

Gallery Lijst 37, Delft NL
March 2009 - November 2009