Dominic-Petru Virtosu

Dominic-Petru Virtosu

Bucharest, Sector 2, Romania

About Dominic-Petru Virtosu

My works are about exploring a visual universe marked by constantly playing with various symbols and iconic structures and by constantly creating new connections. For me they are about strangeness and eeriness and also about not knowing where the work will take me.

I am very interested in creating multidimensional compositional spaces with a focus not on how but rather on what is expressed. With this intention in mind I sometimes choose to play with the flat surface of the canvas by adding iterations and variations of other cut-up images, visual reminiscences and citations on top to create unexpected dimensionalities, stratifications, displacements and dialogues.

I also like to play with strange environments and textures that permeate from one object to another. Not knowing where a thing ends and another begins is like playing with organic boundaries: the set line is never where it is expected.

I am constantly adding and subtracting from various parts of the image until I achieve the satisfactory level of depth and although I focus mainly on painting as a technique (because I still find in it something that is profoundly linked to a foundational substratum of expression), my creative process means that I am constantly searching and renewing my technique to fit the subject matter. This means that I enjoy the flexibility of working in various mediums and styles.

I use these imaginative ruptures and bursts to structure the way each piece falls into this storyboard of tightly knit interconnected and juxtaposed images and visual clues. It is not an entropic randomness, but intended game of playful ambiguity with fictional situations and narrative layers, opening up the possibilities and contradictions of the content but also the possibilities and the contradictions of the practice itself.

In my art I mix concept creation with practices of appropriation and re-interpretation. I create quotes of content from various referencing sources such as books and imagery of contemporary culture and re-draw it into my own projected scenarios. I am constantly recomposing and recalibrating my images to various extents. Play and chance are subjected to controlled adjustments, negotiating each time both the technical protocol and the imaginative protocol of each work.


2010 – 2012: Master of Arts - Painting Class of the University of Fine Arts, Prof. Dr. Cătălin Bălescu / National University of Arts, Bucharest
2011 – 2012: Erasmus Exchange Programme, Master Studies Painting, Prof. Annette Schröter, Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst, Leipzig, Germany
2002 - 2006: Bachelor of Arts, Painting Class of the University of Fine Arts, Prof. Florin Ciubotaru, National University of Arts
1998 - 2002: German College “Goethe”, Bucharest


2015: Art Safari Bucharest – Focus Art Gallery, Cluj
2015: “Steampunker”, Palatul Stirbey (painting)
2014: “Brief” - Odeon Theatre, Bucharest (painting)
2013: “In search” - National Library, Bucharest (painting)
2012: “We are here“ - Erasmus exhibition, Căminul Artei Gallery, Bucharest (installation)
2012: Semester Exhibition, Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst, Leipzig, Germany (painting)
2011: “E-Bienale” - George Enescu Music Festival, Bucharest (painting)
2010: Portfolio Review Section, “Police the Police”-Biennial, Bucharest (video work)
2010: “ ...after Cremaster” - “Caminul Artei” Gallery, Bucharest (painting and print)
2010: “Experimental Workshop” - “Orizont” Gallery, Bucharest (painting)
2010: “Identities” - “Orizont” Gallery, Bucharest (painting)
2009: “World Wide View” - “Opera” Gallery, Budapest, Hungary (painting)
2006: Graduate exhibition - “Orizont” Gallery, Bucharest (painting)
2005: Cats of War – Galeria Galeria, Bucharest (painting, sculpture and installation)
2001: Group exhibition, “Schiller” Culture House, Bucharest (photography)

Workshops & Others:
2011: “Constantly out-of-space”- Exhibition “Residency Blumen”, Leipzig, Germany
2011: “The Wall that Sucks” - Erasmus Exhibition, Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst, Leipzig
2011: “Transforma” Performance workshop at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst, Leipzig


2015: “Convergent”, Muzeul de Artă Vasile Grigore (drawing)
2015: “Here & Now”, ASE Bucharest (painting, print, drawing)
2011: “Color”- “Shift” Pub, Bucharest (painting)
2009: “Hau Uan Dăr Ful” - “Sigma” gallery, Bucharest (painting)
2009: “Dwarfs of colored joy” - Verde Cafe, Bucharest (painting and sculpture)
2006: “Paintings” - Art Jazz Club, Bucharest (painting)
2004: “Cats of War” - “Galeria” gallery, Bucharest (painting and drawing)
2001: “Paintings” - “Goethe” Institute, Bucharest (painting)