Elisa Sanacore

Elisa Sanacore

Cinisello Balsamo, Lombardia, Italy

About Elisa Sanacore

I'm an Italian self-taught artist.
I'm interested to many different disciplines as Art, Psychology, Spirituality, Physics, Wellness and many others. I think that creativity means being curious, observing, being constantly able to adopt different points of view.

I make art with that interdisciplinary vision, working on three fundamental elements.


The idea on which I work always comes from a symbol or an image with a strong symbolic reference. The processing of the idea is quit complex. My mind or external reality offers me many images, I looks at those images and wait that one of them gets a strong shock to my emotional center.
When an image emerges from the kaleidoscope of images, I try to figure out how I could represent it using my personal artistic technique.


My personal technique is based on matter and colours.
I like drawing on matter, as if it were a sculpture. I don’t simply draw or paint, but I impress the image on the matter. This is something of solid and durable
The matter I use is a mixture of plaster, stucco and glue applied on a multi-layer plywood or masonite. The "design" is imprinted on the matter with metallic blades.
Then I wait one or more days until the surface is completely dry.


I use mostly red, yellow and black, often gold and bronze. The dry surface is completely covered by the color, in a total absence of empty space (white space).
The colours adhere to the matter forming one thing with it. This technique allows you to touch the artwork without fear of damaging it. The tactile experience is important as much as the visual experience.