Emir Zenón Gómez Farah

Emir Zenón Gómez Farah

Barcelona, Europe, Spain

About Emir Zenón Gómez Farah

To analyze and understand it's necessary to distance ourselves from the moment, from our spacetime. This reality is full of small situations of humor and sarcasm if one manages to get away enough. My work speaks from that place, as well as my reality, circumscribed in Latin America, focusing on our daily conflicts: from our interpersonal relationships to society as a whole, our precious idea of progress and consequently consumerism and technology. My work is based on painting but I cover other means of expression, from drawing, digital art to installations and the materialization of projects. I participate in some group and individual shows in Argentina, Chile, the United States and France ...


-Universidad de Belgrano - BA Architecture (2010-2017) Buenos Aires

-Experimental animation workshop of Monica Heller - UTDT (Universidad Torcuato Di Tella)

-Art clinic - Carolina Antoniadis (2019)

-Video art workshop in Hibrida, expanded video laboratory - by Violeta Santos and Mercedes Lozano

-R.A.R.O. Residency - Buenos Aires, Argentina

-Workshop Writing about your own work by Laura Casanovas

-Technologies in contemporary art. : electrons, pixels, algorithms and other immaterial materialities by Jazmin Adler - Mirand Bosch Gallery

-Rewrite history, gender approaches to art, cinema and literature - Fundación PROA y UBA

-What is Contemporary art? - MoMa, EEUU



4to premio Macsur (Museo Contemporáneo del Sur)

Otraferia #5 Laura Haber Gallery

'Escenarios dinámicos' - F.N.A. (Fondo Nacional de las Artes) - Casa Nacional del Bicentenario

Salon Nationale des Beaux Arts - Carrusel du Louvre - Paris, France

Solo Exhibition - Ministerio de Hacienda de la Nación, Presidencia de la Nación - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Solo exhibition - Centro Cultural Nueva Argentina - Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Solo Exhibition - Las Hayas Hotel - Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Colective exhibition - Galeria Arenales

Colective exhibition - Museo Rómulo Raggio - Vicente Lopez, Argentina

The Other Art Fair, Saatchi Gallery - Mana Contemporary, Chicago, USA

Colective exhibition 'Universidad de Belgrano', Buenos Aires, Argentina

Publication - Flamantes Magazine #12 - Madrid, España

Colective exhibition - Monumento Nacional Casa de los Diez - Santiago de Chile, Chile

Colective exhibition - Espacio de Memoria y Derechos Humanos (Ex ESMA), Buenos Aires, Argentina

Colective exhibition - Grupo Ismo - Centro Cultural Coocke, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Colective exhibition 'Universidad de Belgrano', Buenos Aires, Argentina - Photography mention

Colective exhibition 'Universidad de Belgrano', Buenos Aires, Argentina - Art mention

Colective exhibition 'Universidad de Belgrano', Buenos Aires, Argentina