Feminine And Neurodivergent

Feminine And Neurodivergent

Mooroopna, VIC, Australia

About Feminine And Neurodivergent

FAN (Feminine and Neurodivergent) intuitively creates for further personal understanding and insight of emotion, thought, and experiences. Working with paint, pencil, ink, spray paint, recycled substrate, fabric, clay and vintage materials.

FAN's Approach – "there is asking, waiting, watching, quiet listening, knowing, following, storytelling, memories and subconscious answers".

FAN revels in absolute awe and amazement, celebrating both their child’s and own Neurodivergence.

Embarking on a journey of self-discovery, side by side, together they are navigating and mastering an Autistic way of living, their Neurodivergent Flow.

They have been successful so far in achieving this, and it comes from celebrating their Autistic Identity and Culture where their Child leads through self-determination, nurturing and protecting their personal sovereignty, primarily focussing on ‘Safety and Welling First’ and Play!

Practising, this has been central in enabling them to find peace and happiness in a chaotic world not designed for them when applied to all areas of their life and learning.

In addition to being an autistic artist, designer and writer, FAN has created and developed a highly successful program with astounding outcomes. This was primarily aimed at young, autistic/neurodiverse non-binary humans and women.

The program is based upon a book which was written, designed and illustrated by the artist. A story of survival, it intimately describes a lifelong personal journey through undiagnosed PDA (Powerfully Determined Autodidacts aka Demand Avoidance) Autism, OCD's, ADHD, and Chronic illness, Family Violence, Addiction, Mental Illness, Poor Body Image, Self-hate, Depression, Difficult Relationships, Financial Insecurity and Hardship and Unemployment to name a few.

FAN shares with the readers openly about their own personal experience and struggle, through which the artist came to develop a new and authentic way of tuning into their intuition – which the artist refers to it as their ROARHEART.

Since becoming a #24/7Carer, they are constantly finding new ways to support their child's diverse needs, as well as offering support and guidance to other families who have had a similar experience.

The artist loves and respects their Autistic child’s autodidact learning and non-conformist free-thinking. When properly nurtured, this supports their natural neurology to research, investigate and discover their entrepreneurial capacity.

They thrive happily naturally!


A mostly self-taught artist who taught graphic arts at tertiary level.