Filiz Soyak

Filiz Soyak

Hudson, NY, United States

About Filiz Soyak

Filiz Soyak is an interdisciplinary artist exploring themes of identity, memory, time, and place, using intuitive mark-making through mindfulness practices including meditation and breath.

After becoming a mother in 2016, her work turned further inward drawing upon intuition and vulnerability. Meditation has become an integral connection to her creative process.

Filiz’s work has been exhibited and collected internationally since 2000, and is in several permanent collections.

Artist Statement:
My work is deeply personal. It is how I process life’s experiences, learn about myself and about the world, understand what has left a mark and what has moved me. It serves as a guide to make sense of the feelings I have felt, didn’t know I had, and bring up what I have sometimes forgotten.

My work is emotionally driven and guided by intuition. Everything from the materials I use to the process are all chosen based on what feels right in the moment. It is a practice in being authentic, digging into the layers of emotions and memories that reside in that space, and trusting myself.

My work is my meditation. It is more about the process more than the end result. It is my source of calm, clarity, and inner wisdom. With my work, I seek to travel to the innermost depth of existence, exploring the landscape between the seen, the remembered, and the imagined.
That energy of knowing, of generations and experiences vibrating from within, that only develop over time.

My work has evolved with me and changes as I do. It has cycled through many iterations and that journey represents my history. Most recently, the change is a product of motherhood and experience – I believe I can say more, with less.


B.A. Studio Art, University of Vermont
M.Ed. Visual Art Education, Lesley University


2019 The Other Art Fair, NYC, November 7-10
2019 group show, Saperstein's – Millerton, NY
2019 'Unraveling', curated group show, FILIZ – Hudson, NY
2018 'Unu Spiro', Valley Variety – Hudson, NY
2018 ‘One Thousand Breaths’, an interactive installation – Hudson, NY
2017 ‘Abstract Landscapes’, Valley Variety – Hudson, NY
2015 Chora, Fort Point Arts Community Gallery, Boston, MA
2014 Relics, Exhibit A Salon, Brooklyn, NY
2011 Passages Remembered, Giacobetti Paul Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2010 Fort Point Open Studios, Boston, MA
2008 Impressions, Zara Gallery, Jordan
2008 The Churchill Gallery, Newburyport, MA
2007 Fort Point Open Studios, Boston, MA
2007 Wanderlust, Gallery Anthony Curtis, Boston, MA
2006 Fort Point Open Studios, Boston, MA
2006 Fusions, Modern Eye Gallery, Charlotte, NC
2006 3 Women, Chase Gallery, Boston, MA
2005 Fort Point Open Studios, Boston, MA edit | remove
2005 Southern Vermont Arts Center, Manchester, VT
2005 2 Women; 2 Coasts: Filiz Soyak & Catherine Woskow, Modern Eye Gallery, Charlotte, NC
2004 Abstraction Today, Modern Eye Gallery, Charlotte, NC
2004 Introductions, Modern Eye Gallery, Charlotte, NC
2004 Art Institute of Charlotte, Charlotte, NC
2003 Striving to be Conscious, Gallery Ef, Shinjuku, Japan
2002 Faces, Sky Lounge, Shinjuku, Japan