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Fred Watson

Hexham, Northumberland, United Kingdom


I carve still-life subjects in wood, stone and granite with the aim of giving significance and meaning to common objects


Slope thumb


Sculpture100 W x 50 H x 30 D in

From Picasso thumb

Sculpture11 W x 45 H x 11 D in

Pile thumb


Sculpture15 W x 56 H x 12 D in

Six Plastic Bottles thumb

Sculpture59 W x 12 H x 7 D in

TV and SLR thumb

Sculpture21 W x 20 H x 15 D in

Parcel thumb


Sculpture12 W x 15 H x 15 D in

Bronze Booksstack thumb

Sculpture17 W x 24 H x 9 D in

Diverge thumb


Sculpture63 W x 74 H x 24 D in

Oak Shelf thumb
Oak Shelf


Sculpture53 W x 13 H x 8 D in

Three Plastic Bottles thumb

Sculpture16 W x 28 H x 9 D in

Ajax and Minervois thumb

Sculpture12 W x 20 H x 7 D in

Ascent thumb


Sculpture55 W x 32 H x 12 D in

Tins and Brushes thumb

Sculpture7.5 W x 17.7 H x 3.9 D in

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