Gustavo Morejon

Gustavo Morejon

Cuenca, Azuay, Ecuador

About Gustavo Morejon

I grew up traveling between Ecuador and Colombia, where my father used to take us to the rainforests to camp. In this amazing travels I learned to appreciate the magnificent biodiversity of the rainforests. I studied Biology in the Azuay University and learned to paint at the Ecuadorian Museum of Natural Sciences, where I started drawing orchids for the more complete orchid encyclopedia of Ecuador, with Dr. Calaway Dodson.


I studied first at the Catholic University of Quito and then I came back to my home town, Cuenca, to finish my studies on Biology at the Azuay University. I learned to paint by myself and have worked as a scientific illustrator and photographer for several years, especially on naimal and plant illustration.


My paintings, illustrations and drawings have traveled around the World in expositions in England, the US, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Germany, France, Italy and China.