Hannelie Coetzee

Hannelie Coetzee

Johannesburg, South Africa

About Hannelie Coetzee

My works are often made from industry waste, such as mining core, mainly to reduce my environmental footprint, and to a lesser extent because of limited capital.
When making site specific work, I engage with the public moving through that space to ensure the work has meaning and participatory capacity for them. This practice, along with my concern for the environment, has led me to make work that has an actual impact on the environment.

Report on the Anthropocene Visioning Workshop, 15-18 November 2016, Cape Town, South Africa. GRAID project workshop. Centre for Complex Systems in Transition, Stellenbosch University, South Africa. Authors: Hamann M., Biggs R., Pereira L., Preiser R., Hichert T., Merrie A., Cloete D., Poskitt S., Loubser G., Salley R., Blanchard R., Coetzee H., Fioramonti L., Gomera M., Hermanus L., Johnson G., Johnson L., Karakashian A., Khan Z., King N., Mannetti L., Mbete S., Moteane S., Mthembi F., Mumba M., Nilsson W., Nkontwana P., Odendaal P., Sanchez Betancourt D., Shimahara E., Xaba N., Ziervogel G. This report should be cited as: CST-GRAID. 2017.

Climate and Art WMO BULLETIN 67 pg 41-51 By Erica Allis , Coleen Vogel , Hannelie Coetzee , Michelle Rogers

2018 Johannesburg City Transformation & Development Agency invitation to attend the Portland Oregon Eco Disctricts Workshop invitation to develop green corridors through Public art with the artists collective of active citizens, Water for The Future (NPC 2018).
2017 South Africa Trade and Industry funding to scientifically research and develop a new patented innovation public art vertical gardens at NMMU to show the new Wild Wall Tile technology invented by the artist.
2017 University of Stellenbosch Complex Studies Department and Stockholm Resilience Institute’s Anthropocene resilience development colloquium, presenting Eland and Benko 2015 as an example of how arts and science mutually benefit through partnership. 8-9 May in Johannesburg.
2016 (BASA) Business and Arts South Africa small business award with Kirchhoff Surveyors for Eland and Benko, Nirox Sculpture Park 2015.
2016 University of Stellenbosch Complex studies department and Stockholm Resilience Institute’s Anthropocene scenario workshop to imagine a better future.
2016 Clare and Eduardo Villa Grant new sculpture, Glinsterjuffertjie, 2016 for Nirox Winter show co-curated by Yorkshire Sculpture Park’s Helen Pheby.
2016 PPC Imaginarium finalist in the industrial design category for Wild Wall Tiles, A new vertical garden technology.
2015 University of Stellenbosch Complex studies department and Stockholm Resilience Institute’s Anthropocene PECS conference, Stellenbosch.
2015 Wanas Konst Residency, Sweden grant for site responsive work, Old sow between the trees, 2015 for the Barriers exhibition 2015.
2015 International Award for Public Art Shortlist for the, Forecast Public Art & Public Art Review, USA: Uitpak, Johannesburg Art Gallery 2010, South Africa.
2014 Inaugural Post Mined Landscape roundtable discussion with Philipp Kirsch (Associate Prof., UQ-SMI-MISHC) at Nirox, SA Scientists and Mining industry.
2013 National Arts Council Funding R30 000 towards the research of an Acid Mine Drainage Bio sculpture: development of a new site specific artwork.
2013 Rand Merchant Bank Grant to study at GIBS (Gordons Institute for Business Science) Social Entrepreneurship Certificate program.
2013 Biomimicry course attended on Wetland/water rehabilitation by Prof John Todd (Research Professor University of Vermont) at Spier, South Africa.
2012 National Arts Council Funding R20 000 for documentation and catalogue for Buigkrag built whilst on Nirox Sculpture Park residency.
2012 Biomimicry course attended with support from Such Initiative in the National Kruger Park of South Africa with Claire Janisch.
2011 BASA (Business and Arts South Africa) Environmental Award with Pikitup for Tomorrows Joy with Such Initiative.
2010 National Arts Council fund R30 000 for discarded stone research from Freedom Park, result in Uitpak exhibition at Johannesbur


Multiple diplomas in art and photography and social entrepeneurship. Currently enrolled Master of Science degree at WITS UNI to study which characteristics in climate related art interventions and artworks have more societal adaptation capacity.

1. 2013. Social Entrepreneurship Certificate Program at GIBS School of Business program from the University of Pretoria, South Africa
2. 1999. Advanced Diploma in Fine Art, (Cum laude), University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. South Africa
3. 1994. National Higher Diploma in Photography, Vaal Triangle University of Technology, Vanderbijlpark. Social Documentary Photography. South Africa
4. current Masters of Science at the Animal Plant Department, through the Global Change Institute, University of the Witwatersrand. Johannesburg. South Africa


Open Studio every first Sunday after the COVID-19 Lockdown in South Africa


Solo Exhibitions
2018 Synanthrope series ll, Lizamore and Associates, Johannesburg
2017 Johannesburg Art Fair Solo Project Synanthrope Series l
2016 Watermense/ Water People Lizamore and Associates. Johannesburg. 3-25 June 2016.
2014 Verkleinering (Shamed) Boiler Room Residency, Braamfontein. Johannesburg.
2012 Buigkrag documentation of process at the Nirox Project Space, Arts on Main, Johannesburg 12 March – 1 April
2010 Uitpak -corbelled house packed from discarded stone (indefinitely) from Freedom Park. NAC funded research exhibition 6 April – 6 June JAG, Johannesburg
2002 Bossie Exhibition, PhotoZA, Johannesburg and Bell Roberts Photographic, Cape Town part of the Month of Photography