HyunRyoung Kim

HyunRyoung Kim

Mississauga, ON, Canada

About HyunRyoung Kim

Born in Korea and immigrated to Canada.
Through the border between the artist and the audience, I desire to depict the world both in visual and spiritual sense. In my belief, art was what drew me nearer to the world, yet helped me see it from a different eye.
My ideology is to express the world’s spiritual presence through introspection and contemplation. The creating progress is based on spontaneity, resistance, unintentional, and simplification as well. In this manner, I continuously develop a relationship between colors, shapes, portions, lines and mediums and make bold manifestation on the canvas in a large, gestural, abstract form which opens up to the infinite possibilities of connection through exploration of the world surrounding and within us. The classification of my abstract style can be observed as the universe, nature, human, birth, death, and relationships between them.

Being featured "One to Watch" at SaatchiArt onlineGallery

-From 'HyunRyoung Kim;Relatioal Space Catalogue Essay
Although HyunRyoung Kim's large abstract painting make bold visual statements, their development stems from a place of quiet introspection and contemplation.
Kim explores relationships between colours, shapes, figure and ground in a visual language that is at once intellectual and emotive. Kim aims to depict both the 'fact' and the emotion of the world around us; the sensorial as well as the spiritual or ephemeral. Kim invites us to open up to the infinite possibilities of connection with and exploration of the world around and within us.
One omnipresent element of this world, as it is played out in these spare, ethereal and yet evocative works is a strong black line; a striking contrast against the large expanses of white, and the pale, amorphous blooms of colour that make up the canvas. To Kim, this line is a representation of the force of fate in our lives, which for her is given-a 'fact'-and its incursions on the canvas are emblematic of fate's interactions with all the ideas, emotions, relationships and events in our lives, made manifest on her canvases in large, gestural, abstract forms.
The black line of fate is juxtaposed with the visual embodiment of the perhaps more capricious and ephemeral aspects of our lives; our fleeting thoughts and desires, our brief encounters. Indeed, both on the plane of the canvas and in life, it often seems that the external momentum of fate threatens to intrude upon these internal, personal elements by force. But in Kim's work, however unyielding the black line of fate line may be, it sometimes seems thrown off course, veering out of the way of the vibrant ebullience of emotion. We are left with a sense of movement, contrast and change. Our lives are constantly in flux; we constantly course correct based on new information, events, and influences. Kim's canvases speak to this resilience, mutability and resourcefulness in the face of the monumental and unrelenting.
- Kendra Ainsworth (AGM Curator )


2008 Fine Arts,Sheridan College, Canada
1987 Bachelor of Business Administration, National University of Kang Won, South Korea


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2015 OSA 142nd OJE "Order in Disorder", John B. Aird Gallery, Wyndham Award
2012 MARTY Award EMERGING Artist Honorable mention, Mississauga Arts Council
2012 ArtWorks Oakville 13th Annual Juried Show, Juror's choice
2011 ArtWorks Oakville 12th Annual Juried Show, Honorable mention
2011 IMPACT, NeilsonParkCreativeCentre 19th Annual Juried Exhibition, Second Prize

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2012 MARTY AWARD EMERGING Artist Honourable mention, Mississauga Arts Council


2021 ArtWorks Oakville 21th AJS, QEPCCCgallery, Canada
2021 Salon 15, Propeller gallery, Toronto, Canada
2020 SCA Online International Juried Exhibition
2020 Art Gallery of Mississauga Benefit Art Auction
2020 Living Art Centre, Mississauga, Canada
2019 "OFF THE WALL", Propeller Gallery, Toronto
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2019 Art Gallery of Mississauga 15th Annual Art Auction, Toronto
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2018 Intersection: My World-My Community, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto
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2018Art Gallery of Mississauga Benefit Art auction, Canada
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2011 IMPACT 2011, NeilsonParkCreativeCentre19th Annual Juried Exhibition, Etobicoke, Toronto, Canada (awarded second prize)
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2011 ArtParis2011, Saatchi Gallery, Le Grande Palais, Paris, France
2010 The First Solo Exhibition, Visual Arts Mississauga, ON, Canada