Juan Luis Fernández

Juan Luis Fernández

Oviedo, Asturias, Spain

About Juan Luis Fernández

All my work and my creative process is based on three key elements or ideas: the exploration of the subconscious, improvisation, and serendipity.

My painting originates in the subconscious. I start from the absence of any idea to come to the idea. The result is something unexpected for myself that through painting comes to light. It is a game in which I find myself and I am myself shocked at the same time.

Improvisation is also an important component in my work. I am a musician, and jazz music in particular is essential in my life and in my work. In a way the character of this music is reflected in my work. There is improvisation in the choice of fabrics and in the execution itself, using whatever happens to be in my studio: available colors, pieces of paper that I find on the ground, rolls of tape or pieces of wood, cardboard or paper. All these elements harmoniously compounded give rise to the composition of the canvas.

The universe is in the end the result of coincidence and similar to nature, serendepity is fundamental in my creative process. Searching making discoveries by accidents and sagacity, manipulating chance to control the outcome, in the absence of any specific project, but continuously transforming the work in search of beauty. And beauty may be in something old, broken, dirty, in the chipped and cracked walls of a facade, the ruins of a building or in the cracked roles of billboards. But also in a simple line, in an apparently sloppy figure, on a piece of adhesive tape, a rayon, a doodle or in an illegible text.

My work in the studio is very physical. I always paint on the canvas with no frame, sometimes extendng it directly on the floor. The fabric tends to fold, gets wrinkled and paints itself. The fabric makes the work, and gives rise to works depicting the tension and confrontation that occurs when they hit the subconscious, improvisation and serendepity. They embody the combination of these three forces, but always controlled and manipulated by the skill and intuition of the painter (sagacity), who becomes the catalyst or active agent of a creative process understood as a game whose outcome becomes interesting for the painter, as so unexpected.

The inclusion on the same supporting space, the canvas, of materials or objects apparently not belonging to the pictorial world, provides the works the magnetic quality able to absorb them and elevate them to a new category, rescuing them from their daily or conventional use, and also providing the canvas with a third dimension.


Graduate studies in Art History at the University of Oviedo, Spain.
Graphic designer and interior designer, specializing in museums and exhibitions.