kamal obat

kamal obat

abuja, FCT, Nigeria

About kamal obat

Kamal Obat

Multidisciplinary Artist

Nigerian- Works and lives in Nigeria.

The Artist is passionate about learning and creating visually pleasing images. Kamal’s principle is to capture and manipulate images by using colours, icons and filters that guide the viewer into his imagination. Every photo is taken by himself, mostly with the mobile phone or DSLR camera.

From whom does Kamal get his inspiration?

Firstly, he names the emergent artists he follows on the social media.

Secondly, his art is hugely inspired by his everyday life- what he reads, what he sees and what he dreams.



2018 - UN Mental Health and Well-Being Strategy. New York, USA

His attention to detail and creative thinking led to the display of one of his “Scarred” pieces, at the UN Headquarters in New York, about a year after he started his creative journey.


2019 - Kabafest festival. Kaduna, Nigeria

2018 - Mental health and arts exhibition- Abuja, Nigeria