Katja Ochoa Molano

Katja Ochoa Molano

Munich, Germany

About Katja Ochoa Molano

Hello! I am a landscape artist with an academic background in Ecology and a deep dedication to painting. Becoming an artist was a natural progression as I've been drawing and painting throughout my life. . Born in Germany and raised in Colombia, I combine the colourful world of the south with the deep and calm atmosphere of the north. My painted landscapes don't show any flows of events. They offer the viewer the entrance into a room which he believes he has already been, feeling the infinity of nature, mirroring the longing for peace and horizons.


2019 THE HUB, ArtMuc Munich
2019 Altes Gefängnis, Freising
2018 Arte Venezia,Scuola Grande San Teodoro Venezia, VERUM
2018 The Artbox Projects New York 1.0”
2017 „Leuchtende Landschaften“, Galerie „Treffpunkt Kunst“, Ottobrunn.
Kitz Art Award 2017
„Kunst-Stücke II“ , 22. Jahresausstellung Kunstverein Ottobrunn
2015 "Das kleine Format". 20. Jahresausstellung Kunstverein Ottobrunn
2013 -2014 „Facettenreich“. Jahresausstellung der Lebensraum-Künstler
2013 „Advent, Advent“. Bankhaus August Lenz, München
„3erlei“ mehrere Jahresausstellungen, Kubiz Unterhaching
„Kunst aus dem Wasser“, München
„Unser München einzigartig schön“. Galerie Andreas Constantin, München