Lilamani de Silva

Lilamani de Silva

London, United Kingdom

About Lilamani de Silva

I am a New Zealand'er living in London who occasionally commutes between the two. From an early age the passion to paint and create were part and parcel of my life. I like nothing better than to find a quiet moment to think and paint. I picked up my paintbrush early in life driven by a creative desire and innate curiosity. Self taught, I had been absent from painting for some years when a friendly challenge between two friends to get back to the things we enjoyed, inspired this resurgence. "Painting gives me a sense of peace and calm, it is my obsession”. I work in acrylics but have enjoyed using water-colours in the past.

I paint the world the way I see it - vibrant, full of life and colour. My ideas, influences and inspiration come from the natural world, my travels, curiosity, beliefs, family and friendships as well the work of Masters like Van Gogh and Monet.


Masters in Biochemistry


Exhibited in various locals 2013, 2014.