Marijn van Beers

Marijn van Beers

Wijchen, Gelderland, Netherlands

About Marijn van Beers

I am looking for images of beauty frozen in time. These are often everyday objects found in various locations. They could be still lives, (urban) landscapes, even portraits. No-frills images. I try to produce a balanced picture by means of composition, color, shades of gray, line patterns, and structures. To me, a picture is not a moment in time, not the art of the ephemeral (as in Henri Cartier Bresson’s photography) – I look for those moments that will last. Working on an image is a search that requires patience and concentration.
I am inspired by photographers like Horst P. Horst, Imogen Cunningham, Edward Weston, Jacques Lartique, Man Ray. Slow photography with a uniqueness untouched by the passing of time.


Published artwork in:
-Unlimited Grain 2011
-Unlimited Grain Urban


-De Dorpsschuur, Lent, The Netherlands
-Middelbeers, The Netherlands
-Radboud University, Faculty of Science, Nijmegen,
The Netherlands
Sept 8- October 25 2009
-De Dorpsschuur, Lent, The Netherlands