Yuliya Martynova

Yuliya Martynova

London, United Kingdom

About Yuliya Martynova

Born and raised in a small oily town on the shores of the Caspian Sea, a promising art school graduate age 15, Yuliya pursued more practical direction of a legal profession as the art career was deemed as a destination to nowhere in a post soviet era.

One law degree + MBA later, she joined the banking industry in Almaty then in 2005 moved to London where Yuliya spent further 10 years in energy and wealth management.

In 2015 Yuliya has lost her interest in the corporate world and took her chances as a full time artist.

Yuliya is a frequent participant of London art fairs, regular works with interior designers on luxury residential, cruise liners and hospitality projects and nurture plans to bring more work to the US in the upcoming years.


1995 School of Fine Arts, Aktau, KZ
2011 GDL, School of Law, BPP London, UK
2011 LLM, Queen Mary University of London, UK
2003 MBA, Marketing, KIMEP, Almaty, KZ
2001 BA, Litigation, State Law Academy, Almaty, KZ


- Doctor Strange (2016), the movie, - two artworks [Isolation] acquired by Marvel

- TV drama SCANDAL (2012-2019) - ABC acquired original [Vogue | Stella] used for Olivia Pope flat decoration from episode 515 onwards (2016).

- The Breaker 5* Palm Beach FL - featuring prints of Blue Bays, Migration, Connected and some landscapes

- SAGA Cruises on board of Luxury Spirit of Discovery several original Blue Bays, John Mayor suit

- Eaton Fine Art (Austin TX) and Saatchi Hospitality projects in various Hawaii and Florida hotels.

- Sorgiovanni Designs fitted out large luxury yacht with several Blue Bay pieces

- SHH Architects (London, Belgravia) - special commission Migration Allure on paper for prestigious private residence

- Vortex - used for cover of an Academic Monograph 'Temporary Labour Migration in the Global Era ' by London Bloomsbury Publishing House, Apr 2016

- Corporate collections:
Oliver, Marketing Agency, London (May 2016), Black + White Offices (Feb 2016), Shoreditch, London; Werner Capital LLP (2012-2015), Belgravia, London; Bonas MacFarlane (2013), Battersea, London; Temirbank (2004), Almaty


Apr - Best Sold Artists of All Time by Saatchi Art chart
Apr - Infinity Room, Degree Art, White Box Gallery, London
Mar - The Other Art Fair, London

Oct - RVP Gallery, Group Show, Wilmslow, Manchester
Oct - Affordable Art Fair, Battersea
Oct - Open Studios, Delta House, London (sw17)
Aug - The Auction Collective, Bankside hotel, London
Jul - Henley Regatta & Arts Festival with Art Ellite
Mar - The Other Art Fair, London

Sep - The New Artists Fair, London, UK
May - Art Show, Art Play, Moscow, Russia
Mar-Apr - The Other Art Fair, London, UK
Dec - Rise Art, Islington Cass Art Show

March - The Other Art Fair, London, UK
April - Catherine Miller Art Gallery, Chelsea, London
May - Open studio w/e, Wimbledon London
Sep - Decorative Art Fair, London, UK
Sep - Samsung Frame launch exhibition curated by Saatchi Art, London Design Week
Oct- The Other Art Fair, London, UK
Dec - Dreamland, Solo, Piccadilly st London

30 Nov - 25 Dec Aubergine Gallery, Wimbledon, London
17 - 20 Nov - 4 paintings at Edinburg Art Fair presented by Galeria De Arte Gaudi, Madrid
31 Oct - 05 Nov - #flyingsolo, solo show, Studio 657 Art Gallery, Fulham, London (pls RSVP via web site, strictly by invitations)
04 Aug - Hoxton Arches Gallery group show with @meettheartistslondon
04 Feb - Whitechapel Gallery, 1st Thursdays with Creative Debuts London
22-25 Jan - Melia White House, Art Room 2016, London
02 Jan - 04 Feb - Hoxton Holborn Hotel Gallery, London with Creative Debuts

15 - 21 Dec - Maze Art Exhibition, OXO tower, London
09-26 Oct - Wells Art Contemporary, Somerset, UK
20 Aug - 20 Sep - Solo, Matthew's Yard Gallery, Croydon


A r t i s t S t a t e m e n t:

This is to sum up the subjects that follow through and unite Yuliya's varied collections in seemingly different styles:

-Weight free existence & escapism
-Grace & elegance in a landscape
-Infantilism & ingenuity of human kind
-Loss of identity & change in life pace
-Time borrowing vs quality of time

Watercolour in particular has been Yuliya's long standing dominant media though her experimenting with water based materials and oil, graphite, acrylic on wood, canvas and paper has been growing strong.

Yuliya's work contemplates over the subject of departure.

Parting with somebody or something, cognitive state of loosing something valuable such as identity, innocence or childhood is seen as something positive as part of growing up, yet referenced with a nostalgic emotion.

In her seascape collection she focuses on escaping the city in search of identical Blue Bay shores. Real or surreal paradise of colour and calmness. Romantic and light run away from reality.

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