Sinisha Noveski

Sinisha Noveski

Makedonski Brod, Europe, Macedonia

About Sinisha Noveski / For me, beauty is not what you see when you look at a sculpture, but what you feel. There are no rules in art, and there is no strictly defined process for creating a sculpture. The artist is his own master and creates his own world as he wants and as he knows it. Generally, I start by sketching a drawing. Then, I sculpt that idea in clay. From the clay figure, I create a plaster cast, and from that cast I create a plaster sculpture. Then, depending on the resources I have, both physical and monetary, I use the plaster sculpture to create a final piece in a more permanent material, such as bronze or marble.

As a student, I worked from live models and focused on realism. This is what the professors required of us, so that we would learn the basics of sculpture. It was only in our fourth year that we were given the task of creating a sculpture in our own style. This was incredibly difficult, not only for me, but for every student – to find something original and creative. My first sculptures were in marble and wood, like the sculptures of my professors, but I did not enjoy working with these materials. They felt very restrictive to me. Then, one day, as I was sitting in my work area eating burek, surrounded by scraps of metal, wood, and stone left over from the sculptures I had made, the idea came to me to clean up the space by taking all the scraps and turning them into sculptures. This was the start of my original work. I used these scraps to shape pieces inspired by Macedonian “Folklor” – traditional dress, dances, poems, and songs. I enjoyed the idea that these sculptures were somehow ecological, turning waste into something beautiful and lasting.

After I finished University in 2002, I began to focus more on exploring the human form. My first solo exhibition, inspired by the work of some of the greatest sculptors and the beauty of the female form, consisted of female figures, which I sculpted in clay and then cast in polymarble. Over time, human figures have continued to provide me my greatest inspiration, but my work has become increasingly stylized, first with clear and clean forms that carry a distinct message, and now, in my latest work, with more expressive, surreal interpretations. My series “Pairs,” created in 2012, focused on the interconnectedness of things, such as “Wisdom and Curiosity” or “Father and Child.” Now, I am focused on creating my own mythology by sculpting would-be heros who reflect what I see as most urgent and important in modern life, such as a hybrid of man and rooster who calls the viewer to awaken to his connectedness with the natural world (“Awakening”) and a hybrid woman and bird who symbolizes the key role of travel in understanding the world and one’s own existence (“Traveler”).

To date, my work has been displayed in 18 solo exhibitions and more than 30 group exhibitions, and I have more than 20 sculptures on public display in Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, and the United States.


MFA in Sculpture (2011) and BFA in Sculpture with Scenography minor (2002) from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Sts. Cyril and Methodius, Skopje, Macedonia


Solo Exhibitions

2019 • Exhibition of Sculptures – Museum of Pedagogy, Belgrade, Serbia

2019 • Exhibition of Sculptures – Galerija Most, Novi Sad, Serbia

2017 • Exhibition for the Signing of an Agreement of Cultural Cooperation Between Macedonia and Belarus – Vila Jelena, Belgrade, Serbia

2017 • Opening Exhibition for the Days of Macedonian Culture in Niš, – Cultural Center of Niš, Niš Serbia

2016 • Exhibition for American Councils for International Education Balkan Insider’s Tour – Branislav Nušić Foundation, Belgrade, Serbia

2016 • Opening Exhibition for the Days of Macedonian Culture in Vršac – Cultural Center of Vršac, Vršac, Serbia

2015 • “Sculptures” (Days of Macedonian Culture in Belgrade) – Progres Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia

2013 • “Sculptures” – Accademia Del Lusso, Belgrade, Serbia

2013 • “Form and Shadow” – Accademia Del Lusso, Belgrade, Serbia

2012 • “Parovi/Pairs” – Art Centre Guarnerius, Belgrade, Serbia

2011 • “Visualization of Sound in Space” (Master’s Thesis Installation) – Peshna Cave, Makedonski Brod, Macedonia

2011 • Opening Exhibition for the 48th Annual International Art Colony – Strumica, Macedonia

2010 • “Signatures on the Heart” – Makedonski Brod, Macedonia

2009 • Exhibition of Sculpture – Demir Kapija, Macedonia

2009 • “Macedonia” (Drawings) – Jabuka, Serbia

2009 • “For the Great Macedonians” – Makedonski Brod

2005 • “Woman” – Makedonski Brod, Macedonia

2002 • “Formation of Space” – Skopje, Macedonia

More than 30 group exhibitions.

Sculptures in Public Spaces and Private Collections

2016 • “Connection” – The Open-Air Museum “Old Village,” Sirogojno, Serbia

2015 • “Portrait of Ivan Bekjarev” – Private Collection of Ivan Bekjarev, Actor and Professor

2014 • “Cyril and Methodius” – Embassy of the Republic of Macedonia, Belgrade, Serbia

2014 • “Branislav Nusic” – The Branislav Nusic Foundation, Belgrade, Serbia

2014 • “Sirogojno Embroidery” – The Open-Air Museum “Old Village,” Sirogojno, Serbia

2013 • “Portrait of Ljubisa Georgievski” – Private Collection of Ljubisa Georgievski, Macedonian Ambassador to Serbia and Director of Theater and Film

2013 • “King Samuel” – Strumica, Macedonia

2011 • “Holy Spirit” – Camp Sequanota, Jennerstown, Pennsylvania, USA

2010 • “Saints Cyril and Methodius” – Saints Cyril and Methodius School, Pordim, Bulgaria

2010 • “St. Naum Ohridski” – Office of the Mayor of Pordim, Bulgaria

2010 • “Peppers” – College of Agriculture, Strumica, Macedonia

2009 • “Woman with Guitar” – Skopje, Macedoina

2008 • “St. Clement Ohridski” – Office of Former Ambassador, Head of European Commission Delegation in Macedonia Erwan Fuéré

2008 • “Makedonka” – Bulgarian Consulate, Bitola, Macedonia

2006 • “Woman Totem” – Pavlikeni, Bulgaria

2006 • “Woman DOM” – Private Collection of Liljana Popovska, President of the Democratic Renewal of Macedonia Party

2006 • “Alexander the Great” – Office of the Mayor of Makedonski Brod, Macedonia

2005 • “Soldiers of the State” – Soldiers’ Residence, Kichevo, Macedonia

2004 • “Seamstress” – Offices of the Ministry of Education, Skopje, Macedonia

2001 • “Macedonian Embroidery” – Offices of the Newspaper “Dnevnik”, Skopje, Macedonia

1999 • “Totem of King Samuel” – Hotel Bansko, Strumica, Macedonia

1999 • “The Five Students of Strumica” (co-author) – Strumica, Macedonia

1998 • “St. Clement Ohridski” – St. Clement Ohridski Elementary School, Makedonski Brod, Macedonia